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A Mathematical Introduction to Logic is a math book written by Herbert Anderson. The book is aimed at students, to teach them about the use or logic of math and how to apply logic to solve math problems and sums. The book has a rating of 3.8 on Goodreads, making it quite a favorite among students who want to get into the basic introductory steps of mathematics.

A Mathematical Introduction to Logic Pdf Review:

The book starts with the introduction of sets and it has a whole chapter dedicated to it so that the reader can get the gist of it. Formal languages are also discussed in the first chapter so that the reader can be made familiar with them. A major focus is given to sentential logic and the chapters explain to the reader how to use it and the mathematical language to get answers to your math problems.

A Mathematical Introduction to Logic Pdf

A Mathematical Introduction to Logic Pdf Features:

  • Different models are discussed in the book as the writer has aimed the book to be helpful in all aspects of logic.
  • Number theory is also made the focus of the book as it lays the foundation of numerous math principles and problems.

Table of Contents:




Useful Facts about Sets

CHAPTER ONE Sentential Logic

1.0 Informal Remarks on Formal Languages

1.1 The Language of Sentential Logic

1.2 Truth Assignments

1.3 A Parsing Algorithm

1.4 Induction and Recursion

1.5 Sentential Connectives

1.6 Switching Circuits

1.7 Compactness and Effectiveness CHAPTER TWO

First-Order Logic

2.0 Preliminary Remarks

2.1 First-Order Language

2.2 Truth and Models

2.3 A Parsing Algorithm

2.4 A Deductive Calculus

2.5 Soundness and Completeness Theorems

2.6 Models of Theories

2.7 Interpretations Of Theories

2.8 Nonstandard Analysis CHAPTER THREE Undecidability

3.0 Number Theory

3.1 Natural Numbers with Successor

3.2 Other Reducts of Number Theory

3.3 A Subtheory of Number Theory

3.4 Arithmetization of Syntax

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