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A Mathematics Apology is an essay about the beauty of math that was published in 1940. The author of this essay was a British Mathematician by the name G. H. Hardy. In this essay, he gives the reader a little insight into the mind of a mathematician. By reading the essay, one can see what goes on in the mind of a mathematician.

A Mathematician Apology Pdf Review:

Firstly, the title of the book needs to be explained. The word “apology” in the title is not used as a means to apologize. Rather, it is used to demote justification as in the essay, Hardy justifies his work and his service to math throughout his life. He feels the need to do so because he suffers a heart attack at the age of 62, after which his mathematical skills are dulled out. He, himself, agrees that he is not a creative mathematician anymore since his time in the field is over now.

In the essay, he tries to urge the future generations to pursue math for the sake of learning it and not merely because of its applications. He wants to let the reader know how important math is. In his late stage of life, he became depressed because he could not approach math with the same creativity as he had done before so, in his book, he tells the young readers to pursue math since math is their game. He believes it to be something of the creative sort that can be best understood by young minds.

A Mathematician Apology Pdf

A Mathematician Apology Pdf Features:

  • The author explains how math is more to do with creativity rather than learning and explaining.
  • He urges the youth to go for math because he believes that math is a young man’s game and should be done by a young man.
  • It is due to this belief that he gave up on math at his late age and instead wrote an essay to influence the younger lot to follow math too.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Foreword
  3. Essay

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