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Calculus is a math book written by the mathematician Michael Spivak. This book was originally published in 1967 and even today, it is thought of as one of the best books written on the subject of Calculus. It offers insight to the readers in one of the most complex fields of math. It is the field in which most students also fall behind. Spivak’s work is quite celebrated and is still used today extensively.

Calculus by Michael Spivak pdf Review:

Published by the Cambridge University Press, this book is an excellent guide for students who are going to dive into the course or Calculus. The author has focused on teaching the student how mathematical thinking and reasoning solves problems instead of just talking about different techniques that are normally taught in other books. Analysis of problems is something students are not so good at and so the author tries to make it quite simple and easily comprehensible for the reader. He makes uses of illustrations so that the students can be underrated the concept better. A very informative yet leisurely tone is used in the book so that the student can pay more attention and grasp more ideas from the book. Along with that, there are also various exercises on the book for the students or the readers to solve and test their knowledge.

Calculus by Michael Spivak Pdf


Calculus PDF Features:

  • The books offer a guide to real analysis that most people struggle with. It is a great book for graduates.
  • It can also serve as a good book for those people who have just stepped into the field and need a formidable guide for analysis of mathematical data and problems.

Table of Contents:


Part I. Prologue

: 1. Basic properties of members;

  1. Numbers of various sorts;

Part II. Foundations:

  1. Functions;
  2. Graphs;
  3. Limits;
  4. Continuous functions

; 7. Three hard theorems

; 8. Least upper bounds

; Part III. Derivatives and Integrals:

  1. Derivatives;
  2. Differentiation;
  3. Significance of the derivative;
  4. Inverse functions

; 13. Integrals;

  1. The fundamental theorem of calculus;
  2. The trigonometric functions;
  3. Pi is irrational;
  4. Planetary motion

; 18. The logarithm and exponential functions;

  1. Integration in elementary terms; Part IV. Infinite Sequences and Infinite Series:
  2. Approximation by polynomial functions;
  3. e is transcendental;
  4. Infinite sequences;
  5. Infinite series;
  6. Uniform convergence and power series;
  7. Complex number

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