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Categories for the working mathematician is a book about math by Sanders Lane. The American mathematician talks about the category theory in his book and his book is based on many of his lectures that he gave during his time at the University of Chicago. The book was originally published in 1971 and became popular among the mathematicians of the time due to its functionality and remarkable explanation of concepts.

Categories for the Working Mathematician Pdf Review:

The book talks mainly about category theory and it teaches the reader about how to use this theory in practical life. The first chapter talks about the natural transformations and how they are connected to the category theory. Then, the constructions on categories are talked about the reader is explained about this phenomenon. Limits are also discussed in the book and the author discussed them with regards to universals. There is also a separate chapter on the subject. Monads and Monoids both are explained in the book along with algebra and its relationship with the two.

Categories for the Working Mathematician Pdf

Categories for the Working Mathematician Pdf Features:

  • The book is a helpful read for anyone who wants to learn about the category theory. You can be a student or a teacher, the book will benefit you both ways.
  • The book talks about functors and the adjoints with them. The fundamental idea behind this is taught in the book.
  • For a course about category theory, this book can prove to be a good guide and it can teach the students about the application of the theory in their daily lives.

Table of Contents:

  1. Chapter I. Categories, Functors, and Natural Transformations.
  2. Chapter II. Constructions on Categories.
  3. Chapter III. Universals and Limits.
  4. Chapter IV. Adjoints.
  5. Chapter V. Limits.
  6. Chapter VI. Monads and Algebras.
  7. Chapter VII. Monoids.
  8. Chapter VIII. Abelian Categories.
  9. Chapter IX. Special Limits.
  10. Chapter X. Kan Extensions.
  11. Chapter XI. Symmetry and Braiding in Monoidal Categories
  12. Chapter XII. Structures in Categories.

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