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Combinatorics and Graph Theory (2nd edition) is a math book written by John Harris. Published in 1995, this book deals with the Combinatorics and graph theory, along with their combination with other disciplines of math. The book was published by Springer and the latest edition came out in 2008.

Combinatorics and Graph Theory Pdf Review:

The book deals with different aspects of Combinatorics. The authors have kept the tone of the book quite friendly and along the way, there are many jokes and formal language so that the reader is not bored or tired out by the complicated content of the book. The book is filled with problems and their proofs. Moreover, there are quite a few examples for every concept so that the reader can have a broader vision of the content. There is a chapter on nite Combinatorics and graphs. The book is written in such a way that the reader can read each chapter independently or they can also combine all chapters together.

Combinatorics and Graph Theory Pdf

Combinatorics and Graph Theory Pdf Features:

  • The book is a bit complex so prior knowledge of the subject is required for one to understand the book and its content.
  • The author has made the book very friendly and even with the light tone, the book is quite informational and comprehensive.
  • Special types of graphs are discussed in the book including distance graphs.
  • The relations of graphs and matrices are also discussed.

Table of Contents:

  • Graph Theory
  • Introductory Concepts
  • Graphs and Their Relatives
  • The Basics
  • Special Types of Graphs
  • Distance in Graphs
  • Definitions and a Few Properties
  • Graphs and Matrices
  • Graph Models and Distance Trees
  • Definitions and Examples
  • Properties of Trees Spanning Trees
  • Counting Trees.
  • Trails, Circuits, Paths, and Cycles The Bridges of K¨onigsberg
  • Eulerian Trails and Circuits
  • Hamiltonian Paths and Cycles
  • Three Open Problem Planarity
  • Planarity
  • Definitions and Examples
  • Euler’s Problems and beyond
  • Regular polyhedra

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