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Differential equation and their applications is a book written by Martin Braun. The book has a rating of 5 on Powell’s book which makes it a huge success in the reader’s community. The book is aimed at teaching students about the differential equations and how they are used in daily life. Every student that has ever studied math in their life has solved differential equations but most students are not aware of the usage of these equations practically. Published by Springer in 1994, this book offers insight into the practice fields where these equations are used.

Differential Equations and Their Applications Pdf Review:

The book is more of a practical read as it informs the readers of the scenarios in which differential equations are used. General readers will not be able to benefit from this book since substantial knowledge of the subject is needed for one to understand the book. Students that have done a year in Calculus will be able to understand the book better. There are four editions of the book with the latest edition having an additional chapter on Sturm Louisville boundary value problems. The problems in the book range from easy to complex so that the reader can be aware of all of them.

Differential Equations and Their Applications Pdf

Differential Equations and Their Applications Pdf Features:

  • Different chapters deal with different kinds of differential equations, including both first order and second order differential equations.
  • Systems of these differential equations also have a whole chapter for them.

Table of Contents:

  1. Chapter 1 First-order differential equations
  2. Chapter 2 Second-order linear differential equations
  3. Chapter 3 Systems of differential equations
  4. Chapter 4 Qualitative theory of differential equations
  5. Chapter 5 Separation of variables and Fourier series
  6. Chapter 6 Sturm-Liouville boundary value problems
  7. Appendix A Some simple facts concerning functions of several variables
  8. Appendix B Sequences and series
  9. Appendix C C Programs
  10. Answers to odd-numbered exercises
  11. Index

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