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Euclid’s Elements is a collection of books consisting of 13 books that go as far as Ancient Greece. The books have been attributed to the great Greek mathematician by the name Euclid, who lived in Alexandria in 300 BC. The book has all the mathematical information that one could ask for. At the end of this article, download Euclid’s Elements PDF free from our site.

Euclid’s Elements PDF

Euclid’s Elements Review:

Euclid’s Elements is a series of books by a Greek mathematician which contains the postulates of different theorems and their proofs. It also has definitions of mathematical terms and Euclidean geometry, both plane and solid. Along with that, there is a detailed study of incommensurable lines. Moreover, the number theory is also a subject of these books. The book is one of the oldest manuscripts for mathematics ever found and it has proved to be very helpful in the development of modern science and math. First ever edition of the book was published in the 1400s after which many other editions followed.

Euclid’s Elements Features:

  • The book has over a thousand editions and only stands second to Bible in terms of a number of editions to be published.
  • It has been titled as the most influential book in the field of mathematics to date.
  • Every mathematics student was required to have a general knowledge of this book until the 20th
  • Scientists such as Galileo, Isaac Newton, and Kepler were influenced by this book.

Table of Contents:



Using the Geometry Applet

About the text


A quick trip through the Elements

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Subject index

Book I. The fundamentals of geometry: theories of triangles, parallels, and area.

Definitions (23)

Postulates (5)

Common Notions (5)

Propositions (48)

Book II. Geometric algebra.

Definitions (2)

Propositions (13)

Book III. Theory of circles.

Definitions (11)

Propositions (37)

Book IV. Constructions for inscribed and circumscribed figures.

Definitions (7)

Propositions (16)

Book V. Theory of abstract proportions.

Definitions (18)

Propositions (25)

Book VI. Similar figures and proportions in geometry.

Definitions (11)

Propositions (37)

Book VII. Fundamentals of number theory.

Definitions (22)

Propositions (39)

Book VIII. Continued proportions in number theory.

Propositions (27)

Book IX. Number theory.

Propositions (36)

Book X. Classification of incommensurables.

Definitions I (4)

Propositions 1-47

Definitions II (6)

Propositions 48-84

Definitions III (6)

Propositions 85-115

Book XI. Solid geometry.

Definitions (28)

Propositions (39)

Book XII. Measurement of figures.

Propositions (18)

Book XIII. Regular solids.

Propositions (18)

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