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Fermat’s Enigma is a book written by the author Simon Singh. The book talks about Fermat’s last theorem which does not have any proof and many mathematicians have tried to find the proof for the theorem and failed. The book was published by 4th Estate in the year 1997. At the end of this article, download the free Fermat’s Enigma Pdf from our site.

Fermat’s Enigma Pdf


Fermat’s Enigma Review:

The book revolves around the search for a proof to the last Theorem given by Pierre de Fermat in 1637. The Theorem was given such a long time ago and to date, no proof has been found for the Theorem. Even the notable mathematicians like Evariste Galois have failed to find a suitable proof for the Theorem. This is a great book full of intriguing information, which is probably why it became the first ever mathematics book to become the Number one best seller in America. Singh also made a documentary on the book by the name, The Proof and that documentary ended up winning the BAFTA in the year 1997.

Fermat’s Enigma Features:

  • The book talks about the unsolved theorem given by Pierre de Fermat
  • An award-winning documentary has been made on the subject of the book.
  • The book was published in America in 1998.
  • At the same time, the documentary was also released which talks about the Wile’s Proof for the Theorem.

Table of Contents:

  • Preface
  • Reader
  • Acknowledgment
  • The Problem, p. 1
  • I: Special Cases, p. 3
  • II: 4 Interludes, p. 73
  • III: Algebraic Restrictions on Hypothetical Solutions, p. 99
  • IV: Germain’s Theorem, p. 109
  • V: Interludes 5 and 6, p. 143
  • VI: Arithmetic Restrictions on Hypothetical Solutions and on the Exponent, p. 165
  • VII: Interludes 7 and 8, p. 213
  • VIII: Reformulations, Consequences, and Criteria, p. 235
  • IX: Interludes 9 and 10, p. 277
  • X: The Local and Modular Fermat Problem, p. 287
  • XI: Epilogue, p. 359
  • App. A: References to Wrong Proofs, p. 381
  • App. B. General Bibliography, p. 389
  • Name Index, p. 396
  • Subject Index, p. 404

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