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From Here to Infinity: A Guide to Today’s Mathematics, is a math book by the famous mathematician Ian Stewart. The book focuses on the mathematics of today, that is modern mathematics and is a guide to the modern study of the subject for the general public. The book was published in 1996 by Oxford Publications. It is aimed at answering questions like “What is Math?” and other such questions that a normal reader would ask.

From here to Infinity Pdf Review:

The book follows a very set pattern which makes it easy for the reader to comprehend. It starts with the first chapter that is “Nature of Mathematics”. Following the first chapter, there are 18 more chapters and they all deal with the problems in math that gave rise to new branches of math or new studies in the subject. Simon Singh, another great writer of the same genre has called the book as an accessible source of mathematical knowledge. This book is a remarkable source of mathematical knowledge for a general reader.

From Here To Infinity Pdf

From here to Infinity Pdf Features:

  • The first chapter is an introduction to math and how it works.
  • The following chapters are all focused on a single topic in math and how it came to be.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1- The Nature of Mathematics

Chapter 2 – The Price of Primality – primality tests and integer factorization

Chapter 3 – Marginal Interest – Fermat’s last theorem

Chapter 4 – Parallel Thinking – non-Euclidean geometry

Chapter 5 – The Miraculous Jar – Cantor’s theorem and cardinal numbers

Chapter 6 – Ghosts of Departed Quantities – calculus and non-standard analysis

Chapter 7 – The Duellist and the Monster – the classification of finite simple groups

Chapter 8 – The Purple Wallflower – the four color theorem

Chapter 9 – Much Ado About Knotting – topology and the Poincaré conjecture

Chapter 10 – More Ado About Knotting – knot polynomials

Chapter 11 – Squarerooting the Unsquarerootable – complex numbers and the Riemann hypothesis

Chapter 12 – Squaring the Unsquarable – the Banach-Tarski paradox

Chapter 13 – Strumpet Fortune – probability and random walks

Chapter 14 – The Mathematics of Nature – the stability of the Solar System

Chapter 15 – The Patterns of Chaos – chaos theory and strange attractors

Chapter 16 – The Two-and-a-halfth Dimension – fractals

Chapter 17 – Dixit Algorizmi – algorithms and NP-complete problems

Chapter 18 – The Limits of Computability – Turing machines and computable numbers

Chapter 19 – The Ultimate in Technology Transfer – experimental mathematics and the relationship between mathematics and science

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