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How to lie with Statistics is a book by Darell Huff. The book aims to give an intro of statistics to the general reader. The book was published in 1954. Actually, the author is a journalist and throughout his freelancing career, he wrote a lot of “How to” articles. However, he was never really a statician.

How to Lie With Statistics Pdf Review:

The book talks about how to deal with stats and how to interpret it. It says that sometimes people interpret stats the wrong way and that leads to misleading information. During the 1970s , this book became a textbook for students in colleges due to its functionality in the field of statistics and understanding its features. This book became an international bestseller and sold over a million copies. It has also been translated into many other languages. The book shows how making little changes in graphs in stats can totally distort the message behind it and give false information.

How to Lie With Statistics Pdf

How to Lie With Statistics Pdf Features:

  • In the UK Edition, Mel Calman made cartoons for the book to boost the readers’ interest.
  • Previously, the book was simply illustrated to get the reader’s attention.
  • It teaches the reader how to deal with stats so that no wrong information is deciphered.
  • It shows the original picture of the subject and then the distorted one to show how such minor differenced can matter so much.
  • It was used as a textbook back in the day and even today it is used by common people to understand stats.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Sample with the Built-in Bias
  2. The Well-Chosen Average
  3. The Little Figures That Are Not There 4 Much Ado about Practically Nothing
  4. The Gee-Whiz Graph
  5. The One-Dimensional Picture
  6. The Semi-attached Figure
  7. Post Hoc Rides Again
  8. How to Statisticulate
  9. How to Talk Back to a Statistic

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