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How To Solve it is a book written by George Polya. The book deals with problem-solving and is a short read about how to manage daily problem-solving skills. In the book, Polya gives four principles that need to be followed to solve any problem.

How to Solve It Pdf Review:

In the book, the author has given us four principles that we need to follow if we want to solve any problem. The first principle is that you need to understand the problem. Break down every aspect of the problem into bits and try to understand it. After that is done, you must formulate a plan as to how to solve the problem. Once the plan is made, you need to carry out your plan. The last principle is that you need to look back at what you have done. You need to see if you could do anything better and if there is something that you would do differently the next time.

How to Solve It Pdf

How to Solve It Pdf Features:

  • By following the four principles, you can easily solve any problem.
  • If you still cannot solve the problem, you need to solve any related problem.
  • If there is any accessible method of approaching the problem, you need to take that.

Table of Contents:

  • From the Preface to the First Printing
  • From the Preface to the Seventh Printing
  • Preface to the Second Edition
  • “How to Solve It” list
  • Foreword Introduction
  • Purpose 1. Helping the student
  • Questions, recommendations, mental operations
  • Generality
  • Common sense
  • Teacher and student.
  • Imitation and practice
  • Main divisions, main questions
  • Four Phases
  • Understanding the problem
  • Example g. Devising a plan
  • Example 11. Carrying out the plan
  • Example 13· Looking back
  • 14· Example
  • 15· Various approaches
  • The teacher’s method of questioning
  • 17· Good questions and bad questions
  • More examples
  • A problem of construction
  • A problem to prove
  • A rate problem

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