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Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and its Consequences is a book written by the author John Allen Paulos. The book was originally published in 1988. In the book, the author coins a new term called “innumeracy”, which he explains to be the equivalent of the world “illiteracy” in terms of math. According to him, this term is applicable to those people who are okay with words but are not so good with numbers.

Innumeracy Pdf Review:

Paulos explains how incompetence of numbers is not thought of as a shameful thing by many people. Actually, people are not at all shy to admit that math was never really their thing. Then, the author talks about everyday problems such as lottery tickets and UFOs to explain how math is an integral part of our lives. He encourages the reader to find little hints of math everywhere and be quantitative in their thought and interpretation of everything. He gives anecdotes and examples from daily life that are quirky as well as interesting.

Innumeracy Pdf

Innumeracy Pdf Features:

  • There is mention of probability in the book and how that is mathematical and yet is used in daily life.
  • Like, there is a greater chance of one dying from a car accident than a terrorist attack.
  • The author says that we need to think quantitatively whether we are dealing with statistics or science.
  • He believes that not being mathematically aware or being a victim of innumeracy is harmful to the society.
  • He asks questions in the books and then gives examples from daily life to show how these questions can be answered by having a quantitative approach to most things in daily life.

Table of Contents:

  • Cover
  • Title Page
  • Contents
  • About the Author
  • Dedication
  • Introduction
  • Innumeracy
  • 1. Examples and Principles
  • 2. Probability and Coincidence
  • 3. Pseudoscience
  • 4. Whence Innumeracy?
  • 5. Statistics, Trade-Offs, and Society
  • Close
  • Follow Penguin
  • Copyright Page

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