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Introduction to Analytic Number Theory is a math book written by a math tutor named Tom M Apostol. The book is basically a textbook for the undergraduate students of math and is divided into two volumes. There is an extensive amount of information in the book, hence, the two volumes.

Introduction to Analytic Number Theory Pdf Review:

The book was written by the teacher at California Institute of Technology. Analytic Number theory is a course taught at the institute and this book was written as a guide for the students taking this course. Springer published the latest edition of the book in 2003 and it has been taught for quite a while. The book is specially written to educate those students who have no previous knowledge of number theory and are new to the concept. Different theorems and laws relating to the number theory are mentioned in the book for the better understanding of the reader.

Introduction to Analytic Number Theory Pdf

Introduction to Analytic Number Theory Pdf Features:

  • The book starts with touching on very basic stuff to give a little insight to the students.
  • Following that, the book becomes more complex and it tells a lot about the number theory.
  • It is a small book of 300 pages but has a lot of information; enough to sufficiently educate a novice about the number theory.

Table of Contents:

  • Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic

Pages 13-23

  • Arithmetical Functions and Dirichlet Multiplication

Pages 24-51

  • Averages of Arithmetical Functions

Pages 52-73

  • Some Elementary Theorems on the Distribution of Prime Numbers

Pages 74-105

  • Congruences

Pages 106-128

  • Finite Abelian Groups and Their Characters

Pages 129-145

  • Dirichlet’s Theorem on Primes in Arithmetical Progressions

Pages 146-156

  • Periodic Arithmetical Functions and Gauss Sums

Pages 157-177

  • Quadratic Residues and the Quadratic Reciprocity Law

Pages 178-203

  • Primitive Roots

Pages 204-223

  • Dirichlet Series and Euler Products

Pages 224-248

  • The Functions ζ(s) and L(s, χ)

Pages 249-277

  • Analytic Proof of the Prime Number Theorem

Pages 278-303

  • Partitions

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