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Introduction to Linear Algebra is a book about algebra and the dynamics of algebraic expressions in math. The book was. Written by Gilbert Strang and the latest edition of the book was published in 2016 by the Wellesley Cambridge printing press. The newest edition has the same topics as the previous one but this time, there are certain improvements and additions to the book.

Introduction to Linear Algebra Pdf Review:

In this book, several topics of linear algebra are discussed. The author initially touches on the way singular values work and how to sort out singular vectors. With the help of the data in the book, one can learn how to deal with a matrix of data. The latest edition also has a computing method dealt with linear algebra. It has several coping mechanisms and methods of computing that are available in different languages for the ease of the readers. Other topics include probability and topics related to statistics.

Introduction to Linear Algebra Pdf

Introduction to Linear Algebra Pdf Features:

  • Coding mechanisms are present for Python, Julia and many more.
  • There is also an associated website that has solutions for the problems in the book and other related sums.

Table of Contents:

Introduction to Vectors

1.1 Vectors and Linear Combinations

1.2 Lengths and Dot Products

1.3 Matrices

2 Solving Linear Equations

2.1 Vectors and Linear Equations

2.2 The Idea of Elimination

2.3 Elimination Using Matrices

2.4 Rules for Matrix Operations

2.5 Inverse Matrices

2.6 Elimination = Factorization: A = LU

2.7 Transposes and Permutations

3 Vector Spaces and Subspaces

3.1 Spaces of Vectors

3.2 The Nullspace of A: Solving Ax = 0 and Rx = 0

3.3 The Complete Solution to Ax = b

3.4 Independence, Basis and Dimension

3.5 Dimensions of the Four Subspaces

4 Orthogonality

4.1 Orthogonality of the Four Subspaces

4.2 Projections

4.3 Least Squares Approximations

4.4 Orthonormal Bases and Gram-Schmidt

5 Determinants

5.1 The Properties of Determinants

5.2 Permutations and Cofactors

5.3 Cramer’s Rule, Inverses, and Volumes

6 Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

6.1 Introduction to Eigenvalues

6.2 Diagonalizing a Matrix

6.3 Systems of Differential Equations

6.4 Symmetric Matrices

6.5 Positive Definite Matrices

7 The Singular Value Decomposition (SVD)

7.1 Image Processing by Linear Algebra

7.2 Bases and Matrices in the SVD

7.3 Principal Component Analysis (PCA by the SVD)

7.4 The Geometry of the SVD

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