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Journey Through Genius is a book written by William Dunham. Originally published in 1990, this book mentions the theorems of math and gives them the attention and appreciation that they deserve. Other fields such as art and literature have their own masterpieces and when it comes to math, the masterpieces are the theorems since mathematical principles are governed by them.

Journey Through Genius Pdf Review:

The author lays emphasis on the historical aspect of mathematical theorems. He gives them the recognition that they deserve by talking about how they were formed and which genius brain was behind the formation of those theorems. This book can transport you back to a simpler time when you learnt about all the theorems in school. However, no one ever bothered to tell you about the person who came up with the proof for the theorem or the biographical aspect of this mathematical gem. Dunham does this and makes sure that the geniuses of math get their due appreciation and respect.

Journey Through Genius Pdf

Journey Through Genius Pdf Features:

  • The book talks about different theorems of math and their proof.
  • Along with the history of the theorem, the life history of the person who came up with it is also mentioned in the book.

Table of Contents:



chapter 1 Hippocrates’ quadrature of the Lune (ca. 440 B.C.) 1

The Appearance of Demonstrative Mathematics 1Some Remarks on Quadrature 11Great Theorem  17Epilogue 20

chapter 2 Euclid’s Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem (ca. 300 B.C.) 27

The Elements of Euclid 27Book 1: Preliminaries 32Book 1: The Early Propositions 37Book 1: Parallelism and Related Topics 44Great Theorem 48Epilogue 53

chapter 3 Euclid and the Infinitude of Primes (ca. 300 B.c.) 61

The Elements, Books II-VI 61Number Theory in Euclid 68Great Theorem 73The Final Books of the Elements 75Epilogue 81

chapter 4 Archimedes’ Determination of Circular Area (ca. 225 B.C.) 84

The Life of Archimedes 84Great Theorem 89 Archimedes’ Masterpiece: On the Sphere and the Cylinder 99 Epilogue 106

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