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Linear Algebra Done Right is a math book written by Sheldon Axler. The book is aimed at teaching students algebra starting from the basic to the complex aspects of it. The book was originally published in 1995 and has proved to very helpful to students since then. It has a rating of over 3 on Goodreads which means that it was liked much by the readers.

Linear Algebra Done Right Pdf Review:

The book has information about linear algebra. It serves as a course book for students who wish to pursue a study career in math. The major focus of the book is on teaching the students about the relationship between vectors and algebraic linear operators. The author has used many proofs to explain the different concepts. Along with that, there are also exercises in the book that help to teach the reader more about the subject. The book also has a second edition in which the proofs have been made simple. Also, new points are added and a few modifications have been made in the latest edition.

Linear Algebra Done Right Pdf

Linear Algebra Done Right Pdf Features:

  • In the first half, inner product spaces are mentioned and the students are taught about them.
  • In the second half, finite dimension spectral theorem is explained and students are given insight into this field.
  • The book starts with a few basics such as giving an intro to vectors, dimensions, and basis for the reader to have a little head start.

Table of Contents:

  1. Preface for the Instructor
  2. preface for the Student
  3. Acknowledgment
  4. VectorSpaces
  5. Complex Numbers
  6. Lists
  7. Digression on Fields
  8. 0Exercises
  9. Definition of Vector Space
  10. Exercises
  11. Subspace
  12. Sums of Subspaces
  13. Direct Sums
  14. Exercises
  15. Finite Dimensional Vector Spaces
  16. Span and Linear Independence Linear Combinations and Span
  17. Linear Independence
  18. Exercises
  19. Basis
  20. Dimensions
  21. Exercises
  22. Vector Space of Linear Maps
  23. Definition and Examples of Linear Maps
  24. Algebraic Operations
  25. Exercises

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