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Mathematics: A Very short introduction is a math book written by Timothy Gowers. The author wrote this book to give an interesting touch to math so that it appears inviting to the ordinary man. In our daily lives, we encounter math at every step but still are not comfortable with the idea of solving math. This short book of math was published by the Sterling Company. The latest edition of the book was published in 2010.

Mathematics: A Very Short Introduction Pdf Review:

The book is a very interesting take on math and numbers. The math that we study in school and the one that we need to apply in our daily lives are two different types. The author tries to explain how the complex sounding terms like curves and real numbers mean something so simple and common in our daily life. The main aim of the book is to make the math-phobic love the subject and make the reader realize that math is not as scary as they think it is. The book begins with basic ideas of math and how they are applied in daily life. From there, the author moves on to complex and philosophical ideas about the subject.

Mathematics: A Very Short Introduction pdf

Mathematics: A Very Short Introduction Pdf Features:

  • The book explains the mysteries of numbers that appear too scary to the normal people.
  • It also touches on the aspects of mathematical community and how it is just like the normal one.
  • The book also answers the questions people in the society have about mathematical community.
  • It makes the normal reader aware of what it is that mathematicians do and how what they do is so different from what we are taught in school.

Table of Contents:

  1. Models
  2. 2: Numbers and Abstraction
  3. 3: Proofs
  4. 4: Limits and Infinity
  5. 5: Dimension
  6. 6: Geometry
  7. 7: Estimates and Approximates
  8. 8: Frequently Asked Questions

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