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Mathematics and its History is a book by the author John Sitwell. As the name suggests, the book is about the history of mathematics. It is basically a combination of the historical aspects relating to different fields of math. The book was published by Springer Science and Business Media in the year 2004 and has become a hit since then. It is focused on a broad audience so anyone who is interested in the history of math can read this book even if they are not pursuing a math career or degree. At the end of this article, download Mathematics and its History Pdf free.

Mathematics and its History Pdf

Mathematics and its History Pdf Review:

The book is made up of little essays that deal with the history of math. The writer has taken every concept of math and has explained the history behind it. Thus, this book represents the people that strived for excellence in math and the roads that were taken to ensure greatness in math today.

Different number theories are also explained in the book. Algebraic number theory is explained in the second edition along with the Chinese number theory and the Indian number theory. The author has also added interesting exercises in the book and they somehow are connected to the topics and historical explanations in the book.

Mathematics and its History Pdf Features:

  • The author makes the book quite dramatic using his language and giving examples from the past.
  • For anyone wanting to learn how different math principles and theorems came into being and which were the great minds behind them, this book is a great read.

Table of Contents:

Theorem of Pythagoras

Greek Geometry

Greek Number Theory

Infinity in Greek Mathematics

Number Theory in Asia

Polynomial Equations

Analytic Geometry

Projective Geometry


Infinite Series

The Number Theory Revival

Elliptic Functions


Complex Numbers in Algebra

Complex Numbers and Curves

Complex Numbers and Functions

Differential Geometry

Non-Euclidean Geometry

Group Theory

Hypercomplex Numbers

Algebraic Number Theory


Simple Groups

Sets, Logic, and Computation


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