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Mathematics and Plausible reasoning is a math book written by George Payola. The book is present in two volumes and it teaches the reader how to guess the results of mathematics sums and problems. The book was published in 1954 for the first time and after that several editions also came out with updated information.

Mathematics and Plausible Reasoning Pdf Review:

The book teaches the readers how to guess the results of a math sum. According to the content of the book, a good guess is just as good as the proof or outline of a problem. In the book, the author uses several examples to teach the readers the art of guessing the closest answer. For example, the starting chapters use examples of sequences and teach the reader to guess the next digits in a sequence. The author has formulated many patterns using which anyone can get the guess for a problem or any mathematical sum. Sometimes, guessing the answer to a problem is a better first approach than trying to solve the problem.

Mathematics And Plausible Reasoning Pdf

Mathematics and Plausible Reasoning Pdf Features:

  • The first volume of the book focuses on teaching the readers how to guess answers by looking at the sums.
  • The second volume has patterns that have been formulated by the author to get the closest answer that could quite possibly be authentic.
  • Payola is a famous mathematician who is also a Stanford graduate and in his book, he teaches how to guess even the more rigorous problems.
  • There are many complex patterns thus making this book unfavorable for the general reader. It is aimed at advanced students of math on the university level.

Table of Contents:

  • Induction
  • Generalization, Specialization Analogy
  • Induction in solid geometry
  • Induction in the Theory of numbers
  • Miscellaneous examples of induction
  • A more general statement
  • A mathematical induction
  • Maxima and Minima

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