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Number: The Language of Science: A Critical Survey Written for the Cultured Non-Mathematician is a book about math written by the mathematician Tobias Dantzig. The book was published by Macmillan and first came out in American in 1930. This book is great for using as a guide. The book goes into the history of mathematical ideas and also talks about how they have evolved over time. It tries to show how mathematical ideas of the past are different from the ones that are present today.

Number: The Language of Science Pdf Review:

The book is divided into twelve chapters all of which focus on different ideas from the past. In the new edition, there is also a section for essays about the ideas. These are present at the end of the book. The book starts with the prehistoric ideas of math and how their evolution to today’s modern math took place. The basis for this evolution is Number and that is what is explained in the book. The author explains how mathematicians change math to make its modern form that is present today and is studied in this age.

Number: The Language of Science Pdf

Number: The Language of Science Pdf Features:

  • According to the author, humans progressed in math through error and through trying acai and again.
  • He joins other aspects of religion and commerce with math and mathematical ideas.
  • He mentions those individuals who helped in this evolution and how they changed the course of math throughout time.

Table of Contents:


Editor’s Note

Preface to the Fourth Edition

Preface to the First Edition

  1. Fingerprints
  2. The Empty Column
  3. Number-lore
  4. The Last Number 19 37 59
  5. Symbols 79
  6. The Unutterable
  7. This Flowing World
  8. The Art of Becoming
  9. Filling the Gaps
  10. The Domain of Number
  11. The Anatomy of the Infinite
  12. The Two Realities

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