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Sacred Mathematics: Japanese Temple Geometry is a book written by Hidetoshi Fukagawa and Tony Rothman. The book was published by Princeton University Press and it became quite a hit among the readers and the critics. The book combines art with math and the blend of two beautiful subjects creates a masterpiece. As the name suggests, the book is filled with problems of geometry that have been taken by the Japanese temples. Inspired by the architecture of those buildings, the authors have come up with an artistic explanation of geometry.

Sacred Mathematics: Japanese Temple Geometry Pdf Review:

The book offers insight into Japanese mathematics and the reader can appreciate the difference that is present in that math and the one of the Western world. At the same time, the reader can also see the similarities and be inspired by them. This can be used as a course book for teaching students about geometry and at the same time, it can also be a source of rich information for them. This book is the place where art, culture, and math come together to create something that can only stun.

Sacred Mathematics: Japanese Temple Geometry Pdf

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Freeman Dyson ix
Preface by Fukagawa Hidetoshi xiii
Preface by Tony Rothman xv
Acknowledgments xix
What Do I Need to Know to Read This Book? xxi
Notation xxv
Chapter 1: Japan and Temple Geometry 1
Chapter 2: The Chinese Foundation of Japanese Mathematics 27
Chapter 3: Japanese Mathematics and Mathematicians
of the Edo Period 59
Chapter 4: Easier Temple Geometry Problems 89
Chapter 5: Harder Temple Geometry Problems 145
Chapter 6: Still Harder Temple Geometry Problems 191
Chapter 7: The Travel Diary of Mathematician Yamaguchi Kanzan 243
Chapter 8: East and West 283
Chapter 9: The Mysterious Enri 301
Chapter 10: Introduction to Inversion 313
For Further Reading 337
Index 341

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