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The Art of Computer Programming is a book by Donald Knuth that deals with the aspects of computer programming. It is focused on explaining the computer programming algorithms and how they need to be analyzed. The book was published by Addison Wesley in 1968. Knuth started the book and could not finish it. The unfinished book was published by the publisher with only twelve chapters.

The Art of Computer Programming Pdf Review:

The book is a comprehensive guide to computer programming and the MIX language is the language of every example in the book. This language is supposed to run on a MIX computer that is a hypothetical device. Knuth believed that assemble language is imperative for ensuring the speed of computer programming algorithms.

The Art of Computer Programming Pdf

The Art of Computer Programming Pdf Features:

  • The author started the book and planned it to be a book of 12 chapters.
  • Later, three editions of the book were published in different years and the project was expected to be a 7 volume project.
  • In 2005, the fourth volume was also published and the other three are also expected to follow.

Table of Contents:

Volume 1 – Fundamental Algorithms

    • Chapter 1 – Basic concepts
      • 1.Algorithms
      • 2. Mathematical Preliminaries
        • 2.1.Mathematical Induction
        • 2.2. Numbers, Powers, and Logarithms
        • 2.3. Sums and Products
        • 2.4. Integer Functions and Elementary Number Theory
        • 2.5.Permutations and Factorials
        • 2.6.Binomial Coefficients
        • 2.7.Harmonic Numbers
        • 2.8.Fibonacci Numbers
        • 2.9.Generating Functions
        • 2.10. Analysis of an Algorithm
        • 2.11.Asymptotic Representations
          • 2.11.1. Theo-notation
          • 2.11.2.Euler’s summation formula
          • 2.11.3. Some asymptotic calculations
        • 3MMIX (MIX in the hardback copy but updated by fascicle 1)
          • 3.1. Description of MMIX
          • 3.2. The MMIX Assembly Language
          • 3.3. Applications to Permutations
        • 4. Some Fundamental Programming Techniques
          • 4.1. Subroutines
          • 4.2.Coroutines
          • 4.3. Interpretive Routines
            • 4.3.1. A MIX simulator
            • 4.3.2. Trace routines
          • 4.4. Input and Output
          • 4.5. History and Bibliography
        • Chapter 2 – Information Structures
          • 1. Introduction
          • 2. Linear Lists
            • 2.1. Stacks, Queues, and Deques
            • 2.2. Sequential Allocation
            • 2.3. Linked Allocation
            • 2.4. Circular Lists
            • 2.5. Doubly Linked Lists
            • 2.6. Arrays and Orthogonal Lists

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