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The Code Book: The Science of Secrecy from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography is a book written by the famous math writer Simon Sigh. The book was published in 1999 and has information about secretive messages of science that have been hidden since the ancient times of today’s time. The book was published by Doubleday. At the end of this article, download The Code Book Pdf free:

The Code Book Pdf

The Code Book Pdf Review:

The title of the book may give the idea that the book is basically a codebook and has only codes of cryptography. It actually has both the features of cryptography. It also has information about ciphers and the way the codes of cryptography are deciphered. The book has mentions of the ancient writing systems that have been deciphered by mathematicians and cryptographers. This includes the Linear B writing system and many others. It also contains knowledge of Arabic cryptography and the working of the Enigma machine. Some of the information is from people working in GCHQ. The writer has mentioned their interviews in the book.

The Code Book Pdf Features:

  • Quantum computing is also mentioned in the book along with quantum cryptography.
  • There is also information about pretty good privacy towards the end.
  • At the end of the book were harder ciphers and the book announced a prize of £10,000 for them. They have been solved since the publishing of the book.

Table of Contents:

Cipher of Mary Queen of Scots

— Le Chiffre indechiffrable

— Mechanization of secrecy

— Cracking the enigma

– Language barrier

— Alice and Bob go public

— Pretty good privacy

— Quantum leap into the future.

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