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The Four Pillars of Geometry is a math book by John Stillwell. The book changes the concepts of geometry that people have in mind. There was a time when there was only one way for doing geometry and that was Euclid’s way. The way is still applicable today but the author tries to teach the readers that there are many ways to solve geometry. The book was published in 2005.

The Four Pillars of Geometry Pdf Review:

The first attempt to introduce new methods of doing geometry came from France. In this book, the author tries to tell how these different ways can be implemented. He talks about the role of linear algebra in making geometry easier and simpler to do. Linear algebra rids the does or some very torturous calculations and simplifies the whole process.  The author starts with the basics of telling the reader that more than one kind of geometry exist and one can differentiate between them using transformation groups. There is a very close relationship between algebra and geometry and that relationship we explained in detail in the book. The relationship between geometry and vectors is also explained in a book. In fact, a whole chapter is dedicated to this relationship.

The Four Pillars of Geometry Pdf

The Four Pillars of Geometry Pdf Features:

  • In the book, there are two chapters to explain every approach for solving geometry.
  • The first chapter mainly gives an introduction to the approach and the second chapter is a bit more abstract for the better understanding of the readers.
  • There is also a chapter dedicated to non-Euclidean geometry in which the writer touches on aspects of geometry that follow a different approach from Euclidean’s ways.

Table of Contents:


Straightedge and compass.

– Euclid’s approach to geometry.

– Coordinates.

– Vectors and Euclidean spaces.

– Perspective.-

Projective planes.- Transformations.-

Non-Euclidean geometry.-

References.- Index.

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