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The Number Devil is a Math boom written by the author Hans Magnus. The book was originally written in German and has been translated since. This book is for the younger lot, including the young adults or children who want to learn about mathematics. The illustrated version of the book is ideal for children wanting to explore the field of mathematics.

The Number Devil Pdf Review:

The book follows the story of a boy named, “Robert”. He learns about Math in the book but his teacher is a rather queer creature. The book is named after his teacher, who is a number devil named Tiplotaxl. Robert has twelve dreams throughout the book in which he learns about different topics of mathematics. The book became a bestseller in Europe. After its success there, it was translated into English by Michael Henry. The book has illustrations which make it easier for the kids to comprehend it. Despite being very simple, the book has nice and comprehensive explanations for mathematical terms.

The Number Devil Pdf

The Number Devil Pdf Features:

  • The number devil appears in Robert’s dreams and teaches him math. The first night he tells him about the number one.
  • Later, he tells him about Other things like why we need to use negative numbers.
  • Number devil uses fictional terms to explain mathematics terms and appears to Robert in different areas in his dreams, such as the beach.

Table of Contents:

  • Preface
  • Night 1
  • Night2
  • Night 3
  • Night 4
  • Night 5
  • Night 6
  • Night 7
  • Night 8
  • Night 9
  • Night 10
  • Night 11
  • Night 12

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