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The Principles of Mathematics is a book on the subject of math written by Bertrand Russell. The book was published in 1903 and contains information about the paradox presented by the author. His thesis that he has presented says that there are similarities between logic and math.

The Principles of Mathematics Pdf Review:

The book has about 59 chapters and they are further divided into different topics that deal with different aspects of math. In the book, the mathematical theories are discussed along with the subjects of matter and space. In the last chapters, Russell also touches on Physics as he mentions the laws of motion given by Newton. About Mathematics and logic, he says that the discovery of the fact that math is merely logic is a great accomplishment of this era. The second edition of the book was published in 1938 with a few more additions and changes from the original text. This edition has a more nominalist approach as compared to the first one.

The Principles of Mathematics Pdf

The Principles of Mathematics Pdf Features:

  • The book also touches on topics of relativity and other mathematical topics that are related to physics and logic.
  • The author believes in the theory of space and motion and he says that these have been explained well.
  • He says that we should admit the idea of absolute motion like we admit the ideas of absolute space and time.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Indefinable of Math
  2. Symbolic Logic
  3. Implication and Formal Implication
  4. Proper names
  5. Denoting
  6. Classes
  7. Propositional functions
  8. The variables
  9. Relations
  10. The contradictions
  11. Chapter XI. Definition of Cardinal Numbers
  12. Plan of Part II
  13. Mathematical meaning of definition
  14. Definitions of numbers by abstraction
  15. Objections to this definition
  16. Nominal definition of numbers
  17. Addition and Multiplication
  18. Only integers to be considered at present
  19. Definition of arithmetical addition
  20. Dependence upon the logical addition of classes
  21. Definition of multiplication
  22. Connection of addition, multiplication, and exponentiation
  23. Chapter XIII. Finite and Infinite
  24. Definition of finite and infinite
  25. Definition of a0
  26. Definition of finite numbers by mathematical induction
  27. Chapter XIV: Theory of Finite Numbers

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