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Topics in Algebra is a math book written by the author Israel Nathan Herstein. As the name suggests, the book deals with different topics of algebra. The book was originally published in the 1900s and the latest edition came out in 2006. This was published by Wiley Sons India. This book is useful for students and general readers who are interested in math, alike.

Topics in Algebra Pdf Review:

This book is extremely helpful for those people who want to learn about algebra. The book has mention of some important aspects of algebra such as the Galois Theory. There is also mention of finite groups. Along with these two basic things, the newer problems in algebra are also mentioned in the book. Few theories are also talked about in the book. The author has discussed Ring theory in the book and how it is used in algebraic expressions and the solution of algebraic problems. Like ring theory, Group theory is also mentioned in the book and the author has talked about this theory too.

Topics in Algebra Pdf

Topics in Algebra Pdf Features:

  • The book talks about the aspects of algebra that are most commonly discussed.
  • It discussed fields and aspects like preliminary notions in algebra.
  • The latest edition has a few additions and few topics have been added while the others are updated based on the newest information about math.
  • The book is only of 400 pages but is quite comprehensive and gives a good idea of the algebraic aspect for a better understanding of the student.
  • The book is not suitable for the general public since the mathematical terminologies have been used in excess and anyone who is not familiar with these cannot quite comprehend the message of the book.

Table of Contents:

Preliminary Notions

  • Group Theory
  • Ring Theory
  • Vector Spaces and Modules
  • Fields
  • Linear Transformations
  • Selected Topics

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