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Winning ways for your mathematical plays is a book written by the contribution of three writes namely,  Elwyn R. Berlekamp, John H. Conway, and Richard K. Guy. The book was first published in 1982 and it came out in two volumes. Later, other editions of the book were also published. It is a book about mathematical games and how to excel at them.

Winning Ways for Your Mathematical Plays Pdf Review:

A lot of different kinds of games have been discussed in the book. For example, two different cubes that are the Rubik’s cube and the Soma cube are mentioned along with the information about how the cubes work and how they are to be solved. Other than that, solitaire is also touched upon and the game’s dynamics are discussed. The first volume of the book is focused on game theory, surreal numbers and other theories that govern the games. The second volume talks about different games and the way they work.

Winning Ways for Your Mathematical Plays Pdf

Winning Ways for Your Mathematical Plays Pdf Features:

  • Many games are mentioned in the book such as cut cake, cool cake, and hot cakes.
  • Dawson’s games such as Dawson Kayles and Dawson’s chess are also mentioned with their dynamics.
  • In the latest edition, the book has been divided into four volumes for the ease of the reader. The writing style is quite witty and clever for the reader’s amusement.

Table of Contents:

  1. Hackenbush
  2. Blue-Red Hackenbush
  3. Blue-Red-Green Hackenbush (Introduced as Hackenbush Hotchpotch in the book)
  4. Childish Hackenbush
  5. Ski-Jumps
  6. Toads-and-Frogs
  7. Cut cake
  8. Maundy Cake
  9. (2nd Unnamed Cupcake variant by Dean Hickerson)
  10. Hotcake
  11. Cool Cakes
  12. Baked Alaska
  13. Eat Cake
  14. Turn-and_Eatcake
  15. Col
  16. Snort
  17. Nim (Green Hackenbush)
  18. Prim
  19. Dim
  20. Lasker’s Nim
  21. Seating Couples
  22. Northcott’s Game (Poker-Nim)
  23. The White Knight
  24. Wyt Queens (Wythoff’s Game)
  25. Kayles
  26. Double Kayles
  27. Quadruple Kayles
  28. Dawson’s Chess
  29. Dawson’s Kayles
  30. Treblecross
  31. Grundy’s Game
  32. Grundy
  33. Domineering
  34. No Highway
  35. De Bono’s L-Game
  36. Snakes-and-Ladders (Adders-and-Ladders)
  37. Jelly Bean Game
  38. Dividing Rulers

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